Nitro Circus Capture It Review (Hexbug)

Nitro Circus Capture It
What It Is

What stunts can you create with the Hexbug Nitro Circus Capture It playset? Send the Mr. Lathers and Boo Boo Giggles character figures down the ramp, along the flexible track, and into the air for high-flying stunts. But the whole playset works with the free Nitro Circus app, which means you can film your stunts and create cool movie magic with augmented reality chips.

Once you have the app downloaded to your smartphone, set up the track. It consists of a ripcord launching ramp, a flexible track, and a regular ramp. There are six augmented reality chips to set up around the track. Each one will generate a real-time special effect, such as fire, a flag, or barrels, when you watch your stunt through the app.

Then, when you're ready to go, pull back on the ripcord to send your character into a stunt show. You can use the smartphone tripod to record it in the app while you use your hands to do the launching. Edit the footage in the app and share it with other Nitro Circus app users or on social media.

Is It Fun?

This will definitely have an appeal to kids who are familiar with the Nitro Circus stunt show, but for other kids who just like making their own videos and creating stunts with their toys, this will be right up their alley. The flexible track allows it to be configured in different ways, and the character figures are silly. Plus, there's a really satisfying noise when you pull back on the ripcord to launch. The interaction with the app is fun, but the downside is that the augmented reality chips have to be facing your phone in just the right way in order for any special effects to appear. And this almost might be more of a two-person toy with one person doing the launching and the second person moving the phone to make sure they capture all of the action.

Who It’s For

Hexbug Nitro Circus Capture It is for ages 8 to 16. It's based on the Nitro Circus stunt show, so if kids are familiar with that, then they'll like this toy. But it will also be fun for any kid who likes making their own videos and stunt shows with their toys.

What To Be Aware Of

A tripod for a smartphone is included, but a smartphone is not included.

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