Pharaoh's Pyramid Review (Playmobil)

Pharaoh's Pyramid
What It Is

Set out on an imaginative adventure of discovery and fun as you open Pharoah's Pyramid. This gorgeous set from Playmobil is perfect to inspire imaginative, open-ended play. Pharoah's Pyramid is part of Playmobil's history collection. 

The set took us about an hour to put together, and once it's together, you've got something really special. Fascination with ancient Egypt--also known as Egyptomania--dates back to the late 17th and early 18th Centuries, inspired in large part by Napoleon's journeys in that region. (Even Shakespeare was inspired by the exotic nature of the country and culture.) And why not? It's a mysterious world with customs that seem strange today, adventure and intrigue, long-hidden secrets and all the stuff of great adventure stories. 

Playmobil captures the magic and the mystery in this set, while it gives kids plenty to play with and inspires lots of creative, narrative-based play. There are hidden chambers, treasure to discover, dangerous trap doors and even a mummy. Plus there are explorers, skeletons, kings and lots of accessories to inspire a lot of creative play. 

Designed for kids ages 6 years and up, the set beautifully captures an era that has been seriously studied and romantically expressed in books, movies and more. Kids at the target age for this set are also beginning to understand the concept of history and long ago, and they have a natural interest in that. They're fascinated by discovering other cultures, and what they learn is often expressed in play. Part history, part jumping off point for adventure and beautifully conceived, this is an excellent set with lots of potential for long-term play and discovery.

Is It Fun?
For imaginative kids who love narrative-based play, this set is just about perfect. Combining the timeless fascination with ancient Egypt, mummies and pyramids with classic play patterns, this is the kind of toy that will keep kids engaged and creative for hours. It really complements what kids are beginning to learn about the past in school while allowing them a platform for imagination. Any kid who's ever wanted to see the mummies at the museum will likely find this set intriguing and fun. 
Who It’s For
Pharaoh's Pyramid is recommended for kids ages 6 years and up. While even the youngest kids will be fascinated by all the different play levels, as they learn more about history and ancient Egypt in school, usually around 3-5th grade depending on the school, they'll be able to bring that to life in play. This is a great way to help make history seem more real in the context of entertaining and engrossing play. Kids who love story-based play will especially like this. 
What To Be Aware Of
Assembly takes about an hour, and be sure to follow the directions carefully, especially for the labels. 

Though the instructions are easier to follow than some other Paymobil sets, there are still certain areas where you really have to puzzle out what you have to do. Our best advice is to take your time and refer back and forth between the instruction booklet and the pictures on the box. This should definitely be done by an adult. 

There are lots of little pieces that go with this set. They're totally awesome for creating the world of the pyramid, but you may want to keep a small plastic bag or other container to keep them contained if you're moving or storing the set.

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