Stranger Things Eggo Card Game Review (Hasbro)

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game
What It Is

The Stranger Things Eggo Card Game from Hasbro is a card game based on the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things

Packaging: Open up the box and you'll quickly see how important the Eggo look is to this card game. The cards are all circular and feature Eggo waffle backs to them. The draw piles for the game and overall packaging are made to look like a mini toaster for your waffle cards. 

Game Set-Up: In this game, players take on the roles of the different characters of Stranger Things trapped in the Upside Down. The goal is to get the heck outta there and to do so before a Demogorgon attacks, otherwise---you're toast. Players start be selecting a character to play: Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper and bonus character, Barb. The character cards are double-sided to represent the Right Side Up and the Upside Down. All players' character cards are placed in front of them with the Upside Down side face up to start. Demogorgon Cards are removed and the rest of the cards are shuffled. The top card is drawn. If you don't draw a character card right away return those cards into the deck until you draw a character card. The character card is placed beside the deck to represent the discard pile. Deal four cards to each player. Players can view their cards but keep them secret. Return the Demogorgons into the deck, reshuffle, divide them equally, and insert them into the toaster. These are the draw piles, and play begins. 

Gameplay: The player born the furthest from 1983 goes first. Players then take turns moving counterclockwise trying to discard a card from their hand by matching it to the color or character of the top card of the discard pile. For example, if the discard pile features a blue Hopper card and you have a green Hopper and a blue Nancy card, you can play either. Don't have a match? You can draw a new card up to two times and try to play before your turn ends. In addition to character cards, the deck also includes five additional card types: Reverse changes the direction of the gameplay; Draw Two, forces the next player to draw two cards immediately on their turn; a Portal flips your character card and gives you command to change the color for the next player who plays; and All-Player Rift forces all players to turn over their character cards and gives you command to change the color for the next player who plays. There are also four Demogorgon cards in the deck. Once all four cards are revealed the game ends and the Demogorgon wins. 

You can escape a Demogorgon attack by completing two tasks: 1) get your character on the Right Side Up and 2) discard all of your cards. If the Demogorgan attacks when you are in the Right Side Up but still have cards don't be fooled, you aren't in the clear. Play continues until all players either survive or get attacked. If you discard all your cards but are still in the Upside Down, you also must keep playing and drawing cards. 

Is It Fun?

This is a card game that is made for the Stranger Things fan. We like howHasbro has the concept of getting in and out of the Upside Down, and turned it into a kind of escape game with gaming components that remind us a bit of playing Uno (i.e. color and character matching). There is also a bit of dark humor to it as you read the instruction, such as any mention of Barb, which if you are a Stranger Things fan, you'll appreciate. 

Who It’s For

The Stranger Things Eggo Card Game is age-graded for players 14 and up due to the show's scare factor. That said, it can be played by younger kids as well. Those would will get the most enjoyment out of this game though are certain to be Stranger Things fans, who will appreciate the references, characters, and overall gameplay.

What To Be Aware Of

This product is currently available exclusively at Target, timed to the launch of season two of the Netflix Original, Stranger Things. It may be made available elsewhere after its initial release.

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