Stranger Things Ouija Board Review (Hasbro)

Stranger Things Ouija Board
What It Is

The Stranger Things Ouija Board is a themed version of the classic Ouija board from Hasbro based on the Netflix Original Series. The idea of the classic Ouija board is that it acts as a sort of gateway between you and the other side. In terms of this gameplay, that other side is the Upside Down, the alternate dimension to ours in Stranger Things, where characters such as Will and Barb get trapped. 

Instead of the traditional alphabet board, this one is inspired by how Joyce communicated with Will in the Upside Down through string lights on their living room wall in season one. The board still functions though as a traditional Ouija board (and it does not light up). 

As a bit of background, Ouija boards were most popularly used during seances starting in the 1920s and continue to be used by some psychics to allow those on the other side---if you are a believer--- to communicate with their loved ones. The Ouija is intended for use by two to four people.

How to Use: As everyone gently places two fingers on the planchette, someone asks a question. Then you wait to see if you get an answer as the planchette moves from letter to letter. As the game's instructions point out, contacting the Upside Down isn't easy so be patient and remember that the planchette won't always move. Maybe you'll be able to find out what happened to Barb, maybe you won't. But if you do make contact with the Upside down, remember to say Goodbye, check the walls for movement, and consider leaving the light on when you go to bed.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun way to get in the zone for season two of the Netflix series, and we like how Hasbro has incorporated such an important piece of the show (string lights) into this timeless spooky board. It's important to note that for many this is just for fun, and oftentimes friends will start moving the planchette just to spook others out. But if you do believe, who knows who you'll communicate with in the Upside Down. 

Who It’s For

The Stranger Things Ouija Board age-graded for ages 14 and up simply because of the spooky factors. That said, most kids definitely will interact with a Ouiji board well before the age of 14 and unless you're easily scared, there isn't anything too scary about it for younger kids to experience, too. 

What To Be Aware Of

This product is currently available exclusively at Target, timed to the launch of season two of the Netflix Original, Stranger Things. It may be made available elsewhere after its initial release.

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