Coco Pepita Plush Review (shopDisney)

Coco Pepita Plush
What It Is

It's a combination of several colorful creatures, but it's also very soft and cuddly. The Disney/Pixar Coco Pepita Plush is a 12-inch tall stuffed animal based on the fantastical character from the new movie. Looking at Pepita's face you can tell it's part big cat, but it also has large wings, so it's part eagle. And with its horns and long tail, it borrows features from other animals, too, such as a ram and an iguana. The character is actually inspired by Mexican folk art and taken from the tradition of alebrije or small wooden figurines that represent mythical animal mashups.

The stuffed animal version captures the multi-animal look of this character in all of its brightly colored glory. It has a 14-inch wingspan, and its fabric wings are blue, yellow, and green on one side and bright yellow, pink, and orange on the other side. It has an embroidered face and sits up on its own.

Is It Fun?

The character of Pepita in the movie has such a unique look, and this stuffed animal does a very nice job of capturing the animated look of Pepita. Kids who are fans of the movie will like the toy's bright colors and soft fabrics, which lends itself well to lots of hugs when kids aren't recreating favorite movie scenes and taking Pepita on all sorts of new adventures.

Who It’s For

This stuffed animal doesn't have an age recommendation on it, but we think it will most appeal to children who are fans of the Coco movie, around ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Disney/Pixar Coco plush toys include Dante Alebrije, Dante, Miguel, and Hector, and each is sold separately. All of these are Disney Store exclusives.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

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