Playtex Potty Genie Review (Ginsey)

Playtex Potty Genie
What It Is

Potty training can be a messy experience but leave it to the people behind the Diaper Genie to make it a little less so. The new Playtex Potty Genie is a three-in-one potty trainer that uses a liner system that obviously takes its inspiration from the Playtex Diaper Genie. 

You store a roll of 20 disposable potty liners in the base of the potty chair. There is also room for extra refill liners, sold separately. And whenever you need another liner, you just pull one out from the back of the chair and tear it at the perforation. The liners are scented with a fresh powder scent to help control odors. 

Cover the potty seat bowl with a liner, and when your child goes to the bathroom in the potty, you just remove the liner from the potty seat bowl, tie it up, and throw it in the trash or in your Diaper Genie.

You don't have to use the liners on the potty seat bowl, though. The bowl is antimicrobial to prevent bacteria and odors, and the protective lid traps the liner and bowl to prevent leakage. It also makes it easy to remove the bowl without touching any mess. And there's a little bit of a built-in splashguard if you've got a toddler boy.

But that's not all. Once your child has mastered the potty on the floor, you can remove the potty ring and place it on an adult-size toilet to help a child become comfortable using the "big" potty. Flip over the base of the Potty Genie to turn it into a step stool so kids can reach the sink to wash their hands.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a really unique potty trainer that aims to eliminate all those messy clean-ups. Nobody wants to spend time cleaning out a toilet multiple times a day, and when you've got a toddler, you just don't have time. We think parents will appreciate the functionality of this potty with the built-in storage for the refill liners and just how the potty uses the liners in general, plus the minimalistic design that makes it fit right in with any bathroom décor. And because it's a three-in-one, it can take your child from those early potty-training stages to the big potty without having to buy separate products.

Who It’s For

The Playtex Potty Genie is for use with potty-training toddlers around ages 18 months and up. There is a weight limit of 50 pounds on the potty seat and a weight limit of 100 pounds when used as a step stool.

What To Be Aware Of

Extra refill rolls of the disposable potty liners are sold separately.

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