Justice League Interactive Talking Heroes The Flash Review (Mattel)

Justice League Interactive Talking Heroes The Flash
What It Is

With Justice League landing in theaters this November, Mattel has created different action figure lines to offer every type of play imaginable. This set of figures feature takes the fun of making up dialogue out of kids hands and into the figures with more than 15 sounds and phrases each and have slight interactive abilities when talking.

With 11 points of articulation, this figure is average on posability and the design is best described as awkwardly bulky. In fact, the Flash's torso is super wide to accommodate the voice chip, battery and whatever makes them interact.

The look of the figure is further marred by holes in the torsos to let the sounds escape, and possibly to let other sounds in to help with the interactivity. And, like each figure in the line, the Flash has a giant belt buckle that, when pressed activates the sounds. And, when you place figures near each other and activate the sound chips one after the other, they almost feel like they're speaking to each other.

The Flash is not a bad figure compared to the rest of the line, but the design of the figure highlights the overall awkwardness of this line.

Is It Fun?

While the novelty of Batman saying Superman's name directly after the Flash talks will wear off quickly, kids will still have a lot of fun with this line.

Who It’s For

At a $15.99 MSRP and age graded for 4 years and up, this figure is really designed more for kids who won't care as much if the characters look odd, as long as they work.

Collectors, however, should avoid it because there really isn't much here for them. The first real issue with this line are that the initial release doesn't feature Wonder Woman or a villain.

What To Be Aware Of

 The figures don't feature the voices of the actors in the film. Kids won't care, but adults will notice.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty