Mobi Kids Review (Mobi Games)

Mobi Kids
What It Is

Mobi Kids is a tile-style game of numbers that helps introduce preschoolers to basic counting and early learning math skills. The game comes packaged in an adorable zip-up on-the-go whale canvas pouch. Inside, you'll find an instruction booklet along with 38 number tiles and 48 operation (+/-/=) tiles. Mobi offers multiple ways to play. 

In the main Mobi Kids game, players are each given one set of number tiles. You can play head-to-head in a two player game or, if you are playing with four players, players work as teams to face off. The operation tiles are placed at the center of the gaming area, dividing up the addition and subtraction symbols (double-sided), and equal symbols for easy access. Then, one player shouts "Go!" and play begins. Players race to create basic equations using their number tiles and the operation tiles by connecting them in a crossword/bananagrams style of gameplay. Mobi calls this configuration a "POD." The first player to connect all their number tiles and shout "Mobi!" wins (as long as all of his/her equations are correct). 

Mobi also offers two additional ways to play. Kids can play solo, or work with mom or dad, to create equations at his/her own pace, simply working at just learning the concepts. Or, if this is still too advanced, there are mini games and activities on the back of the instruction's guide to take a more step-by-step approach to learning.

Is It Fun?

We think this is a great take-along learning toy that gets kids excited about math. It sneaks in the learning through gameplay, while still challenging older kids with its racing components. 

We also like the grow-with-me features of this game set, offering kids various ways to play that can help alleviate some of the frustrations for young learners. Additionally because the addition/subtraction operation tiles are double-sided, they can also be used to home in a potential problem area for kids. 

Who It’s For

Mobi Kids is for ages 4 and up from Mobi Games. It will appeal to parents and educators looking for quick ways to teach or focus on basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction through play. The portability of the game set also makes it well suited for learning play on the go.

What To Be Aware Of

If there is an error found after a player shouts "Mobi", play resumes until the next whoops-free POD wins. 

Addition and subtraction operation tiles are double-sided.

Each player also gets two symboled tiles, which are essentially wild tiles that can be used however you wish. 

The "9" and "6" tiles are interchangeable.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy