Ultimate Justice League Batmobile 1/10 Scale Collectible Review (Mattel)

Ultimate Justice League Batmobile 1/10 Scale Collectible
What It Is

The Ultimate Justice League Batmobile from the Justice league Movie is a 1/10 replica radio control car that is closer to a collectors item than a toy you play with. The Radio Control Car comes with a 9.9 volt rechargeable battery and is controlled via an app that is available on ios and android devices. Once connected, controls include a forward , back turn left, turn right, rotating machine guns that you only hear fire, exhaust smoke, and a tilting cannon. There's also a POV camera so you can drive live you are in the drivers seat. This Batmobile comes with a 6 inch Batman that fits in the cockpit. The Batmobile reaches max speed of approximately 5 mph.

Is It Fun?
The Justice League Camera is a case where the vehicle is cooler than it's fun. We found the POV camera didn't work well, and it was tough to see. All of the other functions performed as stated. 

Because the Batmobile is 1/10 scale, which is very large, you really need lots of space to play with because of the turning radius needed. 

Who It’s For
This isn't for a child, and is age graded 14+. I think this this better suited as a collectors item and wouldn't be played with that often.
What To Be Aware Of
You will need a very large space to play with this, so most homes won't have adequate room indoors. The Batman POV camera doesn't work that well. You will also need and ios or android phone/tablet to control this Batmobile, and you must connect through a special Bluetooth.
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