Wonderhood Pet Place Review (Wonderhood Toys)

Wonderhood Pet Place
What It Is

If you ran your own pet shop, what would it look like? Now you can design it with the Wonderhood Pet Place. This construction set aims to inspire girls to use problem-solving skills and think creatively as they use 35 pieces to explore multiple design possibilities. Connect durable and colorful five-inch square plastic pieces using plastic connectors to build a pet shop with grooming area and outdoor play space. There's even a spinning hamster wheel. The best part? You can configure the panels however you want. There's even a three-inch Izzy doll, a dog, and a rabbit.

The instructions offer building tips for how to use the connectors, some picture inspiration, and five design challenges. For instance, it may be National Marine Life Week, and in order to celebrate, kids are challenged to build their Pet Place as high as possible making sure to place the Tropical Tank display on top.

There is also space in the instruction booklet for kids to write down their own design inspiration, and they can read more about Izzy and her favorite things, as well as write about their own favorite things.

Is It Fun?

Even though this is a "pet place", it's also like kids are designing their own dollhouse, which will be a lot of fun for any little girl who has always wanted to do that. And with so many ways to build, kids will like building and rebuilding each time they play. This will inspire a lot of creative play and nurturing pet play among young pet lovers.

It's also a great way to inspire kids to use their imaginations, think creatively to solve problems, and work on spatial and fine motor skills. This is a nice hands-on introduction to STEM concepts for young girls.

Who It’s For

The Wonderhood Pet Place set is for ages 5 and up, and it's a wonderful construction set for girls who like playing with dolls and who like building.

What To Be Aware Of

The set includes an Izzy figurine and activity journal, 12 washable plastic building panels, a wheel, 18 easy-clip connectors, and two pets. There aren't specific instructions that tell kids what to build. Instead, kids are given building tips, picture ideas, and story prompts as inspiration.

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