DabitZ Review (Fibre-Craft)

What It Is

The Fibre-Craft DabitZ Learner Set is an arts & crafts activity set that uses specially designed markers to let kids make pixelated works of art. The set comes with 12 special Dabbers markers, five DabDesignz, 10 vellum tracing sheets, and a portable DabitZ desk to work on. 

To get started, select one of the five DabDesignz and a vellum tracing sheet and insert them inside the front cover of the DabitZ desk, which acts like a clipboard to hold your design and tracing paper in place as you work. Each of the DabDesignz features a color-by-letter pattern to it that corresponds to the different colored Dabbers markers that are included. 

Select a Dabber marker that corresponds to the sheet and start dabbing. Dabbing is essentially creating a series of dots in different colors to form a design of pixelated art, otherwise known as pointillism. It took us about 30-40 minutes to complete this cupcake design.

Tips: There are a few tips to ensuring the quality of your design. 1) Take your time. This isn't a race and you'll want to make sure that you are dabbing in the right spots with the right colors, otherwise is can mess-up the overall look at the end. 2) Be sure to press down firmly each time you dab. This ensures you are creating a symmetrical and equally sized dot each time. 

In addition to using the included five DabDesignz to create art, there is also a companion app with a free-to-download code included so you can create more DabDesignz using your own drawings or photos. To use, simply follow the prompts within the app, then save, and print out your design to use with the DabitZ desk.

Is It Fun?

This arts & craft set offers a simple way to create pixelated works of art (including using your own designs and photos), while also introducing kids to the art concept of pointillism. The color-by-letters also makes the activity easy to follow without much instruction. 

Who It’s For

The Fibre-Craft DabitZ Learner Set is for ages 6 and up. It will appeal to arts & crafts lovers as well as those interested in ways to merge physical and digital play.

What To Be Aware Of

We suggest adding a bit of tape under the lid to hold designs in place as you work to keep it extra secure. 

When using the app, we suggest using an image that doesn't use a lot of colors and also corresponds to the colors included in the DabIt kit. 

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