Shed Defender, Medium Review (Shed Defender)

Shed Defender, Medium
What It Is

For some pet parents surrendering to pet hair is  not an option.   Whether it be because of allergies or a general disdain for pet hair there is a new weapon to fight the good fight. The Shed Defender.  The Shed Defender is a lightweight body-suit or onesie that when worn, keeps the fur from flying. The Shed Defender is made from a recycled fiber that is a blend of polyester and spandex called Rec-Tex.  Shed Defender claims that this material is durable enough to withstand any doggy activity.  It feels similar to an Under Armour under-shirt.  Simply slip your buddy's head through the collar portion,  then situate their legs by pushing their paws through the sleeves, and then zip to close.  The zipper stays snug to your dog's underside so be careful when zipping over sensitive areas.  The zipper should also be opened slightly if you think nature is a bout to call.  We did not get a chance to see if that works but it looks like it could.  The Shed Defender is a good option even if you need a temporary break from dog hair. For instance, you're going to a formal affair and wearing black or you are going for a short ride and want to avoid a car full of fur.  The Shed Defender is made of breathable fabric but it's not suggested to be worn more than a couple of hours at a time.  The Shed Defender has many uses including using it as an alternative to the embarrassing cones dogs need to wear if they have a wound or hot spot on their bodies.  It also  protects against flying insects and ticks and keeps your dog mostly clean when playing in wet or muddy conditions.  One possible added benefit is that since it fits snugly, the Shed Defender could help reduce anxiety similar to compression suits that are sold for that very purpose.

Why Is It Useful?

The Shed Defender can be useful to temporarily keep your dog from leaving hair and fur on furniture, clothing and in cars.  But it can also be used to cover an injury and keep Fido from licking or biting the wound. Also, the Shed Defender can be used in the field to deter flying insects and ticks.  Lastly, it's possible that because of it's snug fit, the Shed Defender might be used as a calming aid like a compression vest or jacket. 

Who It’s For
The Shed Defender can be used with any dog since it comes in multiple sizes.  It was developed as a means to keep heavy shedding dogs from leaving hair all about.  It is lightweight and seems comfortable.
What To Be Aware Of

The Shed Defender comes in multiple sizes and colors.  There is a sizing chart to use on their website,  There is different pricing on each size.  Shed Defender has a  Paw it Forward program and donates a portion of sales to different animal shelters, rescue centers and adoption organizations. The Shed Defender is made from recycled materials and is tested for safety.

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