Pawscout The Smarter Pet Tag Review (Worldwise)

Pawscout The Smarter Pet Tag
What It Is

Pawscout is the 21st century's answer to a better, more sophisticated animal identification collar. It can be used on either dogs or cats.

To begin using the Pawscout, you need to download the app and create a digital profile for each of your pets. This could include a current headshot and any pertinent medical information. The Pawscout App and Tag basically runs like Facebook for your animal. It creates a community within your home vicinity, in case of emergency, or if your furry companion is lost, it alerts anyone else with an active Pawscout account. The app also features nearby stores for pet food and supplies, available groomers, dog parks and other relevant pet owner resources.

The tag is fairly universal, in that it can attach to your pets collar in multiple ways. You can use the ring to hang on your animals current collar, or slide it (with one of the three sizable links included) onto the collar like a belt buckle.

The Tag is waterproof and boasts of having a long battery life.

Why Is It Useful?

Not only does Pawscout track your furry companion when you can't, it also keeps all important information relating to your pet in one place. Setting up a virtual leash, important medical information, a community to keep an eye out in case your four-legged friend gets lost and tracking the length and times of their daily walks.

Who It’s For

Pawscout is geared toward dog and cat OWNERS, looking to keep an eye on their furry friends while also taking care of their medical information, while also featuring local resources for animal care.

What To Be Aware Of

While we believe that this product would be wildly useful for dogs and their companions, it was less so for felines. When it came to indoor cats, the product was bulky and not as useful day-to-day in tracking their whereabouts and most of the features didn't pertain to feline pet care.

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