Discovery Marble Run Review (MerchSource)

Discovery Marble Run
What It Is

Discover the engineering aspects of a marble run when you build your own with the Discovery Marble Run. This comes with 303 building pieces for designing a multi-level structure that will take the 10 included marbles down a slide filled with twists and turns. When the marbles reach the bottom, lift them back up to do it all over again by turning the hand crank.

Once kids have built the marble run in the instructions, they can take it apart and design their own marble run.

Is It Fun?

Marble runs are always fun to watch, and this one will be even more fun because kids will have built it themselves. Plus, they can get creative and build a marble run of their own design, encouraging kids to experiment with different ways to put the pieces together and think like an engineer.

Who It’s For

The Discovery Marble Run is for ages 6 and up. Kids who like construction toys will like building their own working marble run.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us one hour and 30 minutes to assemble this marble run, and the instructions were a little tricky to follow because they are in black and white, making it hard to distinguish which of the colorful pieces we were supposed to be using. With the track pieces, you can just match the shape, but you can't do that with the different colored connectors that are all the same shape.

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