Stunt Drone Zip 360 Degrees Review (Discovery)

Stunt Drone Zip 360 Degrees
What It Is

The Discovery Stunt Drone is a drone that looks like an amphibian, as it resembles a frog or a toad. It can be flown indoors or outside, and works up to 100 feet away from the controller. There are two modes of operation, a starter mode that is slower and easier to control, or an expert mode for kids who are move advanced or want a faster moving drone. This drone features an auto take off and landing button, and is very easy to fly and control. In the expert mode, there is a stunt button to perform flips. The tail and eyes also light up for when flying under less light.

Is It Fun?
Kids will really enjoy playing with this drone because of the easy learning curve to fly. Its one of the simpler drones we have tested to control, and because it's not too big, can be used indoors without much problem. Once you become acquainted, you can flip to expert mode for a faster and slicker moving drone.
Who It’s For
This stunt drone is best for kids looking for something that looks different in a drone, and are looking for one that's easier to control out of the box. It's age graded 8+ and we can see eight year olds being able to control this.
What To Be Aware Of
You will get less than 10 minutes of flight time before you need to recharge, so don't take too far from home unless you have a way to recharge it.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required