Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition Review (Anki)

Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition
What It Is

If you've seen Anki Overdrive, you know how we at TTPM Are big fans of these sets. This modern version of slot car racing relies on tiny, robotic cars that use infrared to read the tracks as they fly around. The cars are controlled by apps, and we have been consistently impressed by the design, performance and technological elegance of these cars. 

Last year, they upgraded the track from the original mat to pieces that snap together with magnets and allow you to create all kinds of different track configurations easily. The car "knows" the track after running around it once. The app has been easy to use, and added lots of excitement to the racing. Plus, the cars have different capabilities, so the racing is an immersive and, yes I'll say it, thrilling experience. How do you make it better? 

Well,  Aniki Overdrive has introduced a version inspired by Universal Pictures Fast and Furious franchise, specifically The Fate of the Furious. The starter set comes with 10 modular track pieces and Overdrive Cars of Dom's Ice Charger and Hobb's MXT. Plus, there's special Fast and Furious track piece that when you drive over it triggers an explosion that can disable the other cars. The app (which works with iOS and Android) has gotten a Fast and Furious makeover too, allowing you to drive as Dom, Hobbs, Letty and Tej, and you'll even hear lines from the movie through the app as you play. 

The starter set is complete unto itself, but if you have other Anki Overdrive track pieces, you can create a massive run up to 64 pieces. We're still learning to drive on the basic set, so we'll wait to expand our system. Plus, it's plenty exciting right out of the box. We're still trying to get used to the five race modes! 

The cars run for about 25 minutes on a charge, but here's something we really love: they take only 8 minutes to charge up fully. There are also activities that allow you to earn in-app currency that you can use to buy upgrades and weapons to power up your cars. Oh, and if you already have Anki Overdrive cars, plop them down on this track, too. Now because you're playing with sophisticated robotics and high end technology, this system isn't inexpensive, but if you're a fan of this type of thing, it is so totally worth it. There's so much to discover and learn as you become an expert driver that it really offers hours--heck, days and weeks--of fun. You might not get recruited by Dom and his team, and you definitely shouldn't try these stunts in the real world, but that's the fun of this. The thrills are real; the competition will get your heart racing and the total experience is like nothing else out there right now. 

Is It Fun?

If you like model car racing and you like The Fast and the Furious, this is a no-brainer. You need this set. 

The elegance of the robotics, the excitement of the racing, all the levels there are to unlock and the ability to customize the track make this a rich and engaging play experience. We discover more every time we play with these sets.

Putting the pieces together and changing the layouts couldn't be easier. The set uses an innovative magnet system to connect the track pieces. 

The cars charge up in about 8 minutes, so you have very limited downtime as you're playing. And they run for about 25 minutes straight on a charge.

You can use other Anki cars on this, and there are new ones coming out Plus, you can add on with additional track pieces so this really crosses over from toy to hobby play thanks to all the sophistication. 

Plus, it's just plain gorgeous to look at. The attention to detail is so impressive. 

Who It’s For

This is designed for fans ages 8 and up. 

Naturally, it will appeal most to players who are fans of the Fast and Furious franchise. However, you don't have to know all the ins and outs of the plot to enjoy this. 

What To Be Aware Of

This set includes additional track pieces that add Fast and Furious stunts to the driving. 

You an integrate this with other Anki track pieces and cars, many of which are sold separately. Right now the app will accommodate up to 64 total pieces of track in a layout. 

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