Petlinks Scratch Around Scratch, Hide & Play Station Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Scratch Around Scratch, Hide & Play Station
What It Is

The Scratch Around is a sturdy, circular playstation that offers a lot of interactive opportunities for your furbaby.

The INSIDE of the Scratch Around playstation is lined in carpet, while the OUTSIDE is covered in heavy denim. The Scratch Around gives your cat a satisfying scratching outlet with the loopy carpet texture, it doesn't produce cardboard shavings which are often found in other cat-scratch products, and it keeps them away from the furniture.

There is also a heavy braided jute rope that wraps around half of the Scratch Around. Knotted in just a way that it won't come loose from the playstation, and can be used while your cats are inside or outside the product.

Our favorite feature to point out on the Scratch Around is the private rest spot it creates when it is laying flat on the ground. This circular nook is purrfect for your furbaby taking a CATepillar sized nap inside and the design is clean enough that you don't mind leaving this cat toy out when company is around.

Is It Fun?

We found in our cat households, that the Scratch Around is a fan-favorite. It is constantly being interacted with in multiple-cat households.

Who It’s For

Regardless of your cat's temperament, there will be something they'll enjoy on the Scratch Around. Can satisfy their need for scratching, to find a hideaway, or as a play ring.

What To Be Aware Of

We did not find anything to be wary of when using the Scratch Around. We found that is an all-around sturdy, safe and dependable cat product.

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  • People Fun

  • Value