SmartyKat Kitty Camp Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Kitty Camp
What It Is
Kitty Camp will be your furbaby's favorite destination.  This teepee provides engagement with its bright feather topper and the crinkle material of the tent cover. It is also a great hideaway for your cats' many naps.  The structure is meant to be moveable and customizable so that a cat of any size can find comfort within the tent walls.
Is It Fun?
Kitty Camp is a multi-faceted engagement product.  Cats have fun by batting the colorful feather topper around from both outside and inside the tent.  And when they have tuckered themselves out, they slide on in for a cozy nook to sleep.
Who It’s For
Kitty Camp is for cats.  Small kitties, big cats and all sizes in-between.  The structure is flexible enough that any feline will find this teepee irresistible.
What To Be Aware Of
This is not one of your Instagram-worthy tents.  It doesn't cost an arm and a paw, the cover is not made of a heavy fabric, it doesn't have a chalkboard nameplate attached.  But that's not its point.  It's meant to be played with, its mean to adjust to your cats size, its meant for your feline.  Yes, you will have to re-set it up occasionally after an afternoon of raucous play, but it's for your cats enjoyment, not your Instagram followers.
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  • People Fun

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