Digiloom Review (WowWee)

What It Is

The Digiloom from WowWee is an app-controlled custom bracelet-making machine that makes it easy to make intricately friendship bracelets with woven-in sayings and designs in a flash. 

The kit comes out of the box with 1 interactive loom, eight reusable Digibands, seven colors of thread, and two shuttles (one preloaded with thread). 

First, you'll need to sync the loom to your Bluetooth-compatible smart phone or tablet via the free Digiloom app. Do so by following the prompts within the app. A heart at the top of the screen will light up green to let you know that you are connected. Within the app you'll immediately have access to the built-in starter kit templates (accessible with the download code included with purchase), which offer eight designs to choose from. Or you can create your own design. 

Next, the app will give you the option of what two colors to work with for your bracelet. Here, you'll also get a preview of how the colors will look in real life. Ready? Follow the prompts to thread your loom for use. Once all your strings are set, simply follow along on your app to see how to weave the threads to create the design. Simply click the forward button on the bracelet maker to advance with each weave in the series. Weave the shuttle under the raised threads each time as indicated. If at any point you mess up, simply hit the back button on the loom/machine, undo your previous work, and try again. Continue on until you've reached the end of the design. Then, carefully unlock the threads from your loom and remove the Digiband. You'll then need to wind the thread around the digiband until you'll reached the end of the band. Then attach the band for wear.

Is It Fun?

The Digiloom is a great merging of physical and digital play, still relying on kids to do the hands-on work to complete the craft but offering a fun digital tool to remove some frustrations and offer a new way to create. If you are like us when it comes to knit crafts and can't keep track of where you are in a pattern or loose stitches often, the follow-along app and excellent guide as you work is probably the best part of the Digiloom. For more in-depth details about how the Digiloom works, check out our full written review. The Digiloom is for ages 8 and up. Digiloom is currently available exclusively at Michaels, where you can also find additional supplies.   

Who It’s For

The Digiloom is for ages 8 and up from WowWee. The Digiloom caters to kids that enjoy craft projects, DIY jewelry making, but might get easily frustrated. Plus, if you are like us when it comes to knit crafts and can't keep track of where you are in a pattern or lose stitches often, the follow-along app and excellent guide as you work is probably the best part of the Digiloom. 

That said, this is still a craft project that has a learning curve to it. We suggest parents consider assisting when getting started and aiding in the instructional process at first. This combined with the video tutorials will yield the best results and overall experience. 

What To Be Aware Of

Four AA batteries are required but not included.

One thing we found is that while a starter guide is included, we found WowWee's digital tutorials to be much more helpful in terms of seeing how to get started, finish your bracelet, and guide you as you work. 

While WowWee suggests not to pull your Digiband all the way in or out as you work, toward the end of your weaving, you may find it is almost unavoidable to have your Digiband all the way in depending on the design you make and how tightly or loosely you weave. It can get a bit more difficult to work with when this happens. It does take some practice to figure out how tightly or loosely to weave to ensure things align properly. 

WowWee also suggests weaving from right to left under the raised strings as you work but we found either way works fine, and it's merely a matter of comfort. 

Using the app also requires your device runs on iOS 10 or later for Apple devices, and works with most Android devices. 

This product is available exclusively at Michaels.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required