Luvabeau Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Luvabeau is a new and highly interactive boy baby doll from Spin Master. Luvabeau is the boy version of the interactive girl baby doll Luvabella.  Like an infant first child experiencing the world, this doll constantly learns through its interaction with their own little mommy or daddy, evolving its vocabulary and responses. 

Out of the box, the doll feature a switch on its back to turn it on and adjust its volume between two settings. The dolls also operates in both English and French.

In terms of feel, think of these dolls on par with a weighed baby doll. Luvabella has a silicon feel to his head with a plastic body. Its facial sculpt kind of reminds us of how babies looked in older Pixar films. 

Once you've turned the doll on, it will spring to life with baby babble and electronic movements. Its eyes will blink and its arms, neck, and torso will turn. It's legs are bendable but can be locked into a seated position, made to sit on your lap, in front of you, or be cradled in your arms. Luvabella features multiple sensors. Kids can tickle the doll's belly or feet and the doll will giggle. Squeeze her feet with both hands to hear her say mama or dada. If she's hungry, you can place the included feeding spoon in her mouth and she'll chow down until she's full, which you'll know because she'll turn her head. She'll coo as you feed her her bottle. If she needs to be burped, you can gently pat her back. 

Luvabella also comes with her favorite toy lamb. Press the toy's nose to her mouth and when she gives it a kiss, she's entered play and learning mode. Here is where kids can help Luvabella grow and evolve. She'll make animal sounds, name them, and increase her vocabulary. As her vocabulary evolves, she'll begin to say more through all her interactions. For example, she'll begin to say "I love you, mama." The doll also comes with a pacifier to help soothe her. To help lull her to sleep after a long day of play, simply tilt her onto her back, feed her the pacifier, and watch as her eyes close and she falls to sleep. You can also feel her heartbeat at anytime. 

Is It Fun?

Kids can experience so many of the classic go-to baby doll play patterns, such as feeding, playing peek-a-boo, burping baby, lulling baby to sleep, and of course playing with baby with Luvabeau. We love that Spin Master has offered up a boy version of this highly engaging baby doll for kids. In general, all kids (boys included!) benefit from the nurturing play that's encouraged through baby doll play, helping them develop compassion as they pretend to roleplay as their own moms and dads. And let's be real, boys play with baby dolls, too! While boys might not play with baby dolls in the same way girls do we think because Luvabeau is so interactive, boys can make the play experience all their own. This doll will also appeal to girls as well, especially those that might have their own baby brothers they are looking to imitate through play.

Who It’s For

Luvabeau is for ages 4 and up from Spin Master. This is a toy that will appeal to diehard fans of baby doll play and nurturing play. It will appeal moreso to kids looking for that next-level baby doll experience that brings them one step closer to being just like mom and dad, rather than an introductory baby doll. Luvabeau in particular also offers a boy baby doll option for boys to enjoying the same kind of baby doll as girls, or however they choose to interact with Luvabeau. 

Note: some kids might find the life-like nature of this doll a little too lifelike and/or creepy, so it's not for everyone. Younger mommies and daddies may also need some grown-up assistance in terms of figuring out how all the doll's features work.

What To Be Aware Of

Luvabella is also available in multiple skin tones and hair colors (Brunette, Blonde, and African American).

The doll defaults to saying Mama, but you can change it but holding down the button on his back until you hear a beep. Then touch his right foot for Dada or left foot for Mama again. 

Luvabeau requires four C batteries to operate, which are not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 C batteries required