DC Comics Superhero Fidget Cubes Review (Zuru)

DC Comics Superhero Fidget Cubes
What It Is

Sometimes even superheroes need a way to relax, and kids can reduce stress and gain focus right along with them with the DC Comics Superhero Fidget Cubes. These are just like Zuru's original Fidget Cubes but they have superhero logos and color schemes for Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Each one is sold separately.

These six-sided desk toys offer an array of addictive fidgeting options. The Breathe side is inspired by worry stones. You rub the indentation, which is right over the superhero logo, with your thumb to help reduce anxiety. 

The Roll side has a ball bearing with three clicking gears. 

The Spin side has a spinning dial. 

The Glide side features a circular disk that is designed after a gaming joystick to give the fidgeter a satisfying glide. 

The Flip side is the one that looks like a light switch. You press it to pivot the switch back and forth. If you do it slowly, it won't make noise, but pressing it quickly will elicit a clicking sound. 

And the Click side has five clicker buttons, two of which are silenced for quiet fidgeting. 

Is It Fun?

Just like the original Fidget Cubes, these superhero-themed cubes are a fun way to help reduce stress, help you focus on schoolwork, or give you something to do while sitting at your desk at work. We like that each side of this has a different tactile appeal, making this an all-in-one fidget toy. Plus, these will be fun for fans of DC Comics.

Who It’s For

The DC Comics Superhero Fidget Cubes are for ages 3 and up. We think they are going to be a good option for any kid or adult who needs a little help focusing or reducing stress. The superhero-themed colors and logos will also appeal to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman fans.

What To Be Aware Of

The original Fidget Cubes are also available in a variety of colors and sold separately.

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