Night Light Adventurer Jacket Review (4 Paws Tech)

Night Light Adventurer Jacket
What It Is

The Nightlight Adventurer Jacket is a brightly colored, lightweight jacket that should help alert drivers of your presence when walking  your pal.  But the safety factor rises 10 fold when you press the conveniently located button on the pocket because the Nightlight Adventurer Jacket has built in, rechargeable, LED lights in the front and back making it almost impossible not to see.  The Nightlight Adventurer Jacket also has 3 modes of light which you can change by pressing the on button again.  This jacket is weather proof and nicely appointed with a detachable hood, pockets for storage and a headset port on the pocket.   The Nightlight Adventurer jacket is a great gift for yourself or other pet parents in your life that are nighttime dog walkers

Why Is It Useful?

The Nightlight Adventurer Jacket is weather-resistant so its a great lightweight jacket to wear while walking Fido in the precipitation. But the jacket's most useful function happens when you press the convenient button on the pocket activating the ridiculously bright LED lights on the front and back. These lights alert drivers to your presence and keep you safe while doing your pet parent duty. You also need not worry about batteries since the Nightlight Adventurer Jacket is rechargeable using any USB port.

Who It’s For
The Nightlight Adventurer Jacket is for anyone who has to walk their best pals when it's dark or when the weather turns harsh because it's weather-resistant.  This jacket is especially good for pet parents that live in rural or dimly lit areas to be absolutely sure you are seen by unsuspecting drivers.
What To Be Aware Of
You recharge the Nightlight Adventurer Jacket by removing the light mechanism from a small pocket on the inside liner of the coat and using the charging cord provided by 4 Paws Tech in any USB port.  The sizes may run a teeny bit small.  The hood of the jacket is removable.  There are 3 modes of light; solid, fast blink and slow blink.  It takes 3 hours for the jacket to fully charge which produces 10 hours of continuous light.  Stand by charge will last 30+ days.
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