DropMix Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

DropMix from Hasbro is a new electronic music-mixing game created in partnership with the video game developer Harmonix Music Systems, makers of RockBand.

The game comes with a physical electronic gaming board and 60 NFC chip-enabled cards covering musical genres from Pop to R&B to Dance to Indie to Country to Rock and Hip-Hop. To play, you'll need to download and pair the DropMix platform with a free-to-download app compatible with Apple and Android devices.'

Blending physical and digital play, this first-of-its-kind game offers three modes of play: Freestyle Mode, Party Mode, and Clash Mode. Which ever you choose, the app features built-in, step-by-step video tutorials to give you a quick run down of how to play. Whatever mode you chose though, the games require the use of the DropMix cards. Whenever a DropMix card is placed on a mix Slot of the board, the board will immediately start playing the corresponding part of the song (bass, beat, loop, or vocals) which are denoted on the cards. The board can read up to five DROPMIX Cards at time. Be sure to slot cards according to the matching colors on the board, unless you are in freestyle mode in which the board will recognize the card placed in any slot.

Freestyle Mode:

Think of Freestyle Mode as your own personal playground for solo play. We suggest getting started here, where you can test out new mix combos, save them, and share them with friends. Within the app you can also adjust the tempo and change the key of your mix.

For a multi-player experience tap into Party Mode and Clash Mode. 

Party Mode: 

In party mode, grab a group of friends and work together to play DJ to the app's party requests. Cards are drawn at the start of the game and replenished between rounds. How many cards are in your hand depends on the number of people playing. This is indicated within the app, which also reminds you to draw new cards between rounds. During each of the five rounds, different requests are displayed on the screen, featuring either a card color you need to use, an instrumental element that's required, and/or a specific card level needed to be played. Sometimes there will be two requests at once, in which players can earn double points if they play a card that answers both requests. At any time the DropMix symbol can also appear, which means you need to hit the equalizer/remix button on the gameboard. An X symbol can also appear, which means you need to quickly remove any cards on the board in that color. A timer counts down with each request and points are earned based on your speed and correct reactions. Black and white FX cards and multi-color cards can also be played at any time to meet requests. This game is all about trying to get the highest score.

Clash Mode:

Looking to go head-to-head with a friend? In clash mode, players compete to make the better mix and score more points. In this mode, there is also a bit of deck-building and strategy that comes into play. Players may try to build a strong mix decks to work with in advance, or play a card that allows them to play another card during their turn to earn extra points. Make the right moves to score the most points. If you are playing one on one, players each start with a deck of at least 30 cards and play two cards each turn. On each turn, you can play a card or, if for example you don't have a strong hand for your next move, you can spin the board's equalizer to clear your opponent's cards from the board and make them lose points. The first team to 21 points  wins.

Is It Fun?

DropMix is a new electronic music-mixing game that will having you feeling like the next DJ EarWorm or Girl Talk as you mash together today's hottest songs to earn points. This is a fun card battle game on its own with more strategy to the gameplay than you may realize on your first round of play. But it's the amazing music that comes along with it that elevates the fun, featuring top artists across genres such as Sia, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Run-D.M.C., Jackson 5, and many more. You'll find yourself singing in your seat as you play as well as impressing your friends with your mixing skills. The game caters to all types of music fans with its diverse range of samplings, while also adding an element of collectability to the play through deck building. 

Who It’s For

DropMix is for ages 16 and up, although we think it's one that is definitely going to appeal to tweens and adults as well because of the music. We also think that while it may be an investment at first, there is a lot of repeat play value that will appeal to families for game nights and gatherings. 

What To Be Aware Of

Additional DropMix Playlist Packs with 16 DROPMIX Cards and Discover Packs with five DROPMIX Cards will also be available to build out your collections and create new opportunities for play. 

Four AA batteries are required and not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required