Fingerlings Teeter Totter Playset Review (WowWee)

Fingerlings Teeter Totter Playset
What It Is

The Fingerlings  Teeter-Totter set is a play and display piece for WowWee's Fingerlings interactive monkeys. The teeter-totter  is designed so two Fingerlings monkeys can fit easily and securely on it. The child, however, has to manually move the teeter-totter. There are other areas on the set that kids can play with and hang the different monkeys. In addition to positioning the Fingerlings in the teeter-totter, kids can attach the toys to various different spots on the structure by their arms and legs (which are flexible and grasp the bars easily).

The Teeter-Totter set goes together easily, and we found that at least four Fingerlings monkeys can easily be placed on it.

The set includes one Fingerlings Baby Monkey.

Is It Fun?

The Teeter-Totter set requires at least two  Fingerlings monkeys to play with it. The set, however, comes with only one. The play is all about watching the monkeys in action and interacting as kids move the teeter-totter, hang them on the bars or attach the Fingerlings to the structure while interacting with them. Since the Fingerlings are designed for ongoing interaction from the child playing with them, for many kids, especially older fans, the Monkey Bar set will be best for displaying their Fingerlings collections.

Who It’s For

The set is designed for Fingerlings fans and collectors ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The set comes with only one Fingerlings Monkey, so to make the teeter-totter work, you'll have to purchase an additional one, sold separately. If you are buying this set, make sure the child has at least one additional Fingerlings monkey, or purchase that when you buy this set.

The set goes together easily. It sits fairly sturdily on a table or flat surface. However, it's not very heavy, so kids will probably not want to be overly active with playing.

You can see a review of the basic Fingerlings toy here.

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