Fingerlings Baby Monkey Review (WowWee)

Fingerlings Baby Monkey
What It Is

Here we have an assortment of Fingerlings, which are essentially little interactive baby monkeys that attach to your fingers. Here we have three original Fingerlings characters: Finn (black with blue hair), Mia (purple with white hair) and Sophie (white with pink hair). 

Turn them on and the characters spring to life. Fingerlings respond to touch in different ways thanks to the two sensors atop their head. You can tap these spots, located on either side of the monkey's tuff of hair, at any time to get an instant reaction. The responses you get back will vary for other interactions such as head rubs, air kisses, rocking your monkey, and sounds like a clasp or snap. Your monkey will also sense what position it's in such as whether its right side up holding onto your finger or swinging upside down. 

There are also some silly surprise effects you can get out of your Fingerlings by cradling your monkey's entire head for a few seconds or blowing in its face. Fingerlings can also be attached to different things thanks to its flexible arms and legs, such as a writing utensil. 

Is It Fun?

As with any interactive pet toy, Fingerlings are perfect for lots of pint-sized nurturing pet play with an added degree of silliness. In addition to the fun interactions you can have with Fingerlings, we also like that there is collectability to this line thanks to the colorful assortment of monkeys such as Finn, Zoe, Mia, Sophie, Boris, and Bella. 

Who It’s For

Fingerlings are for ages 5 and up. They will appeal to kids that enjoy the collectibility of the line as well as the adorable, and portable, designs of these baby animals for pet play.

What To Be Aware Of

One thing to note is that when rubbing your Fingerlings head, be sure you are touching both sides of your Fingerlings hair at the same time to get the best results. 

There are six character available in the line with a few exclusives also available at retail, such as the Fingerlings Unicorn.

 Two button cell batteries are required to operate these toys and they are included. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 cell batteries required