Air Warriors The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow Review (Buzz Bee Toys)

Air Warriors The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow
What It Is

The Walking Dead "Dwight's Crossbow," is part of the Air Warriors series, from Buzz Bee Toys.  The crossbow comes with two clips that each hold 10 darts. The darts are foam with a rubber tip. The crossbow sits nicely in your hands and the trigger is easy to fire. The scope is adjustable and feels accurate. Pull back the handle to load the clip, and then push the clip forward again to shoot. There's no kickback, but these darts do travel fast and far - up to 100 feet! See a walker in the distance? Pull the handle back and forth to reload. When your clip is empty, pull the handle back and press the release button - then you're ready for action. The recommended age is 6-and-up, but personally, I think the crossbow should be given to kids a little older. 

Is It Fun?
Yes - the darts fly well, and The Walking Dead fans will love the added role-play element.
Who It’s For
Recommended ages is 6+, but parents should consider if their child is mature enough for the crossbow.  Additionally, Walking Dead fans of all ages will love it.  
What To Be Aware Of
Although foam and rubber, the darts do fly fast and caution should be used when using the crossbow.  
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