Air Warriors Thermal Hunter Review (Buzz Bee Toys)

Air Warriors Thermal Hunter
What It Is

The Air Warriors Thermal Hunter, from Buzz Bee Toys, includes 20 Precise-Pro darts, a clip, stock, rail adaptor, and a heat-seeking scope. It requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. The darts are foam with a rubber tip. The Precise-Pro name ensures that your darts will hit their intended target. Instructions will explain how to set your heat-seeking scope. If you look through the scope, the crosshairs are green - but if something warmer gets within your target range, the crosshairs turn red. A hunter out in the woods may use such a scope to identify game - but with this toy, the technology may alert you if a friend, family member or pet, has entered your path. Once you load your clip, pull the pump handle back, and insert the clip into the Thermal Hunter. To load, push the pump forward. Pull the trigger and watch your darts travel up to 90 feet. To load your next dart, pull the handle back and again push it forward. To remove the clip, pull the handle back, and press the clip release. 

Is It Fun?
Yes. The darts fly well and the heat seeking scope is a fun  addition. 
Who It’s For
Although the manufacturer's recommended ages is 6+, caution should be used with younger children.
What To Be Aware Of
Sometimes the clip gets jammed when using all 10 darts
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