Giant Sized Jumbling Tower Review (Cardinal Games)

Giant Sized Jumbling Tower
What It Is

The Giant Sized Jumbling Tower from Cardinal is a jumbo-sized version of the classic stacking/balancing skill-and-action game featuring wooden pieces. At its highest, the game can stack up to five-foot-six-inches tall, that is if you can get it that high without sending it crashing down. Players take turns removing one of the roughly eight-by-two inch wooden blocks from the tower and carefully replacing it on the top of the tower. Players will need to be strategic in their placement, or else they might be the one that leads to the stack's collapse.The first player to do so loses the game.

Is It Fun?

We like this large-scale version of the stacking game, which is fun for all ages and settings. It's an especially good option for lawn games at a backyard BBQ or bonfire.

Who It’s For

The Giant Sized Jumbling Tower is for ages 6 and up from Cardinal. It will appeal to fans of similar, smaller-styled skill-and-action games as well as those looking for an easy-to-play multi-player game for parties and gatherings.

What To Be Aware Of

Young kids, and short adults, may need a boost reaching the top of the deck when the tower gets high. 

The blocks are't squared up when stacked, and because they don't have a finish to them (unstained), it does make them harder to remove from the tower.

If playing on a platform, such as we did in this video, watch out for the tumble because these are wooden pieces and getting hit is not fun. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy