Santa Claus Sleeved Bib Review (Bumkins)

Santa Claus Sleeved Bib
What It Is

The Bumkins Santa Claus Sleeved Bib is a sleeved waterproof and washable bib for children. These sleeved bibs are perfect for the Christmas season with fun festive themes. The Santa Claus Sleeved Bib is classic red and white with a big black buckle belt graphic. The Santa's helper Sleeved Bib has a whimsical green and red theme with peppermint buttons and black buckle belt graphics. These bibs are easy to take on the go. A handy catch-all pocket catches run away food or cookie bits. Simply slip this bib over your child's clothes, adjust the back tie closure and your kid is ready for eating cooking or art. 

Why Is It Useful?

These bibs are great to take on the go. They are easy to fold up and toss in a bag and clean up is quick. The long sleeves are great to keep messes away when eating, baking cookies or art projects.

Who It’s For

The Bumkins Sleeved Bibs are for ages 6 months -24 months. 

What To Be Aware Of

This bib is available in two festive themes to ring in the holiday season. Additional prints and superhero themes are also available and sold separately. 

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