Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa Dance Dice Game Review (Cardinal Games)

Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa Dance Dice Game
What It Is

The JoJo Siwa Dance Dice Game is challenging you to a dance off! This is an exciting game that encourages kids to compete by showing off their dance moves. This set includes 7 colorful dice, a tiny bow, and instructions on how to play. While this can be played by eliminating players, we love to just dance with our friends and it's equally fun to just dance together. These are the basics of the game, roll the seven dice, line them up in the order of the color of the rainbow, ROYGBIV, dance out the sequence on the dice and that's it. The player who dances out of sequence or has a knee hit the floor is eliminated and the game goes on until one player is left. The winner gets to wear the tiny bow! 

Is It Fun?

This is a fun game that will certainly get you up and moving. You might also learn some new dance moves with this game! It encourages role play, active play and gets kids to invite their friends and dance. Play some fun tunes and you are all set for one Jojo dance party!

Who It’s For

The JoJo Siwa Dance Dice Game is for 2 or more players and is for ages 3 and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

 While we do like this game we are disappointed in the size of the bow. No signature massive bow here just a tiny plastic bow clip. The graphics on the dice are not clear and transitions between moves can be slightly rocky but that's part of the fun! Fans will probably overlook these details. 

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