PoochieBoots Review (Poochie Boots)

What It Is

Poochie Boots are  paw protectors which are worn by dogs to guard against snow, ice, rock salt or hot pavement.  The sole of the Poochie Boots have a non-slip PVC covering that is waterproof and impervious to salt and other melting agents that could have harsh chemicals in them.  The uppers are weatherproof and the lightweight shell is fleece-lined for comfort with an elastic knit cuff making them easy to take on and off.  But here's where Poochie Boots separates themselves from the pack.   Each set of 4 Poochie Boots comes with a storage pouch and 2 sets of interchangeable velcro straps that can be cut to size for each individual dog.  The addition of the Poochie Straps means Poochie Boots will stay on your dogs feet better because each boot has a custom fit strap.  And for you Fashionistas out there, Poochie Boots offers different patterns, colors, and themes of straps for any occasion.  These are sold separately.  All of these products are only available at www. Poochieboots.com. 

Why Is It Useful?

The obvious use for Poochie Boots is in harsh weather conditions featuring snow and ice. Snow and ice can accumulate in between a dogs pads causing discomfort. Worse yet is if they get a harsh melting agent like rock salt or other chemical products. But Poochie Boots can also be used if your dog is prone to allergies from grass or to keep their paws safe on hot pavement.

Who It’s For
Poochie Boots can be worn by any dog size or breed to protect their paws since they come in multiple sizes.  Poochie Boots are also excellent for those dogs who have sensitive paws.
What To Be Aware Of

Prices depend on the size of the Poochie Boots.  Sizes 6 and 7 come with a pair of boots that are one size smaller since many larger dogs have larger front paws than rear.  Additional Poochie Straps can be purchased separately.  Poochie Boots donates $2 from each sale to non-profit shelter and rescue organizations dedicated to helping dogs find their furever home.  It takes about 20-30 minutes for dogs to get used to having Poochie Boots on their feet.  During this time we suggest video-taping them getting used to the boots.

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