The Wizard Always Wins Review (Big G Creative)

The Wizard Always Wins
What It Is

Do you have the strategy and fate needed to be a winning wizard in the game The Wizard Always Wins? Throughout each round of this game, players choose characters, perform that character's actions, and complete element sets to level up and put their gems into the Bag of Fate. The object is to be the player who draws his or her own gem from the Bag of Fate while performing the role of the wizard.

The instruction booklet has eight pages, so we're going to give you a brief overview of how the game is played. Basically, players take turns each round doing three things. 

First, you choose which character you want to be. Once a character is chosen, that character cannot be chosen by any other player during the round. 

Second, you perform the character's actions, which are listed on the bottom of the character card. Actions could be drawing a card, playing a card, or drawing tokens from the Bag of Fate.

And third, you can turn in element sets if you have them. An element set is a certain number of matching cards or tokens. These allow you to level up or place your gems in the Bag of Fate, which you'll need to do if you want to eventually draw one of your gems from the bag as the wizard.

If you think you've got enough gems in the Bag of Fate and you want to test your luck, you can choose to be the wizard on your next turn (as long as no one else has chosen to be the wizard) and draw tokens from the bag equal to the number level you're at. So, two tokens for level two. If you draw your own gem, you win. If not, you've got to keep playing.

Is It Fun?

We like that this game is a mix of strategy and, ultimately, luck. Players will like getting to be different characters each round, and the artwork for the characters is pretty funny. Even though there are eight pages of instructions, the game really isn't hard to play. It all makes sense once you start playing and developing your strategy. This will be a nice addition to your next game night.

Who It’s For

The Wizard Always Wins is for two to five players ages 10 and up. It will be a fun game for anyone looking to add a new strategy game to their next game night lineup.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with 60 element cards, seven character tiles, five level dials, five turn markers, a game board, 40 gem tokens, 25 element tokens, five reference cards, a bag of fate, three add-a-gem tokens, and three level-up tokens.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy