Hatchimals Surprise Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals Surprise
What It Is

The Hatchimals have some surprising new news. Find out who's inside the big new egg of Hatchimals Surprise! These eggs are bigger than the original Hatchimals and that's because there are two cute little creatures inside. There are two sets of Peacat twins and two sets of Giraven twins to collect.

Just like the original Hatchimals, you'll need to tilt, tap, and touch the egg to nurture it until it's ready to hatch. You'll be able to see light-up eyes on the outside of the egg that let you know how your Hatchimals are feeling. And once the egg is ready, keep holding and rubbing the egg to help it along.

Once hatched, you get to play with your twins through three modes: Baby, Toddler, and Kid. In Baby mode, tilting, petting, pressing the nose, and clapping or making a loud sound will elicit different responses. Pay attention to the color of your Hatchimals' eyes so you know what your Hatchimal needs. When the Hatchimals are face to face, they will interact.

In Toddler mode, each Hatchimal will reveal its unique personality. One is "the musical one". When you press and hold its head, music and dancing will start. The other twin is "the talkative one". It will record and repeat up to four seconds of whatever you say. If you tilt this twin, it warps the sound during playback. You can also make this twin record a secret message for the other twin. And if they're facing each other, press the musical twin's nose to start a twin skit. They'll tell jokes, fly around, bicker, and more in their own Hatchimals language. All the play from Baby mode is still available in this mode.

Then the twins graduate to Kid mode, where you can play different games with each twin individually or together. Plus, you still get the play from Baby and Toddler modes.

With Twin A (the musical one), you can play Tag or Hatchimal Says, where the color of its eyes determines what action you take. With Twin B (the talkative one), you can play Silly Sounds, a clapping pattern-matching game, and Psychic Hatchimal, where you ask the Hatchimal a yes or no question.

And if both Hatchimals face each other, you can enter the three Twin Time games of Serenade, where Twin B plays music for Twin A to dance to; Freeze Tag, where Twin A dances as long as Twin B is playing music; and Harmonize, where the twins play harmonizing music notes.

Is It Fun?

This Hatchimal is double the fun. You're getting two Hatchimals to hatch, love, and nurture, plus a lot of new ways to play and interact with the cute little characters. Just like the original Hatchimals, Hatchimals Surprise has a nurturing experience that changes the more you play with it, and kids will like raising their twins from baby to kid and discovering all the different things their Peacats or Giravens can do. Hatchimals fans will love adding these new characters to their collections, and it's also going to be a fun way for any kid who likes electronic pets to get in on the Hatchimals fun times two.

Who It’s For

Hatchimals Surprise is for ages 5 and up. Hatchimals fans will definitely want to hatch this new egg, especially knowing that there are two cute creatures inside to nurture and play with.

What To Be Aware Of

This comes with three button cell batteries and two AA batteries.

The bottom of each Hatchimal labels them as Twin A or Twin B so you easily know which is which. You'll also know because only Twin A moves on its own.

The egg can only hatch once, but you can reset the twins to Baby mode and go through that play all over again.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 cell & 2 AA batteries required