The Awesome Game of Meme Review (Cardinal)

The Awesome Game of Meme
What It Is

The Awesome Game of Meme, from Cardinal Games, is for 3-to-6 players  and comes with 225 picture cards, 175 word cards, 20 theme cards, and instructions. The word cards include short funny phrases and the picture cards mostly feature weird humans and cute animals - just like the internet! Due to some of its suggestive nature, the game is recommended for ages 14-and-up.  The object of the game is to match an image and phrase, and create a funnier meme combo than your opponents. One player is named judge and deals all other players 5 picture cards and 5 word cards. Additionally, a theme card is drawn for each round. Examples include Epic, Dad Jokes, Not Safe For Work, and many more. Before starting the round, players can pick and discard one of each card, to increase their chances of meme success. Then, each player matches word and picture cards in attempt to impress the judge. The judge picks a favorite and the winner keeps that card combo. After one player wins 5 meme combos, the round is over and a different player becomes the judge.

Is It Fun?
Yes. This is a great adult party game, plenty of silliness.
Who It’s For
Ages 14+, but younger kids can play as long as the "older kids" behave themselves and are not too tempted to create adult-themed memes.
What To Be Aware Of
Some of the instructions are a little unclear and I had to interpret what I thought was the best gameplay. 
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