Success First Edition Board Game Review (Jaz-e House Games)

Success First Edition Board Game
What It Is

Success, from Jaz-E House Games, is a board game for 2-to-8 players, ages 8+. The game comes with 8 key game pieces, 20 success combination cards, 152 success chips, a spinner, 51 probability cards, 2 cool-looking dice, and instructions. Set-up and gameplay is straight-forward. Although there is some strategy involved, a lot will depend on the luck of your rolls and spins. Players take turns moving around the game board, living their lives, and collecting money and other assets. Each player starts with one Combination Card and must fill up each of the 8 categories. Each Combination Card is slightly different from the others. The spaces on the cards include life goals like careers, education, family, travel, and of course these days, fame. When you land on one of these success spaces, you will spin to see which one you get, and how much you have to pay. For example, if you land on the travel space and spin a 1, you'll pay $500 to go to Istanbul. If you land on the Pet space and spin a 7, I hope you're not allergic because you just spent $300 on a very cute cat. If you don't need that success piece, you may sell or trade with other players. Probability cards and game spaces will add further life events, often costing you money. Although I like the graphics of this game, and it is enjoyable, I don't feel as though there is enough unique gameplay to make it stand out from some similar classics. So yes, overall this is a "success" but unfortunately another title has the "monopoly" on these sort of games.

Is It Fun?
No. The game is similar to some other games, and there is not enough strategy to make it very engaging.  I think most people would enjoy playing the game but it may not lead to a lot of repeat play.  
Who It’s For
Game players ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
The theme and gameplay is similar to other well-known games
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions