Just Add Sun Review (Griddly Games)

Just Add Sun
What It Is

The sun is pretty powerful, and you can harness the power of the sun to create with the Just Add Sun Solar Science and Art Kit. It comes with instructions and tools designed to help kids experiment with energy, light reflection, heat transfer, and more. Just add the sun! (And a few items from home, depending on the experiment you're doing.)

The main experiment is turning the Just Add Sun box into a solar oven to melt s'mores, cook a hot dog, or toast a slice of bread. You'll need to provide the food to do this experiment.

But you can also pop a balloon with the sun, melt ice on different pieces of colored paper, build a thermometer, create a sundial, melt crayons, and more.

Is It Fun?

This kit comes with a lot of hands-on activities, and each one offers a different way to showcase the sun's power. Plus, because the experiments need the sun, this gets kids playing outside. Sure, cooking food in a solar oven takes longer than a traditional oven, but it's a nice way to introduce kids to an alternative form of energy (No electricity! No batteries!) and a handy survival tool.

Who It’s For

Just Add Sun is for ages 8 and up. Kids with an interest in science will enjoy the hands-on experiments in this kit. It's also a way to make science more fun for reluctant young scientists.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a solar oven box, a canvas, a 100ml clear bottle, a 100ml black bottle, a mini funnel cutout, modeling clay, two black balloons, two clear balloons, a sticker sheet, wax paper, a magnifying glass, eight wax crayons, a pair of rubber gloves, two bottles of food coloring, and a clear straw.

You will need to provide snacks to cook, sugar, vinegar, diet cola, a marker, a salt shaker, and popping candy.

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