LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Secret Bunker Review (LEGO)

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Secret Bunker
What It Is

Keep Mad Harriet out of Batgirl's bunker with the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Secret Bunker construction set, model number 41237. This comes with 351 pieces for building the bunker and a Bat-Wagon.

Unfold the bunker to reveal a room inside with a rotating periscope and opening gate. There's also a dangling punching bag and weight training bench with weight and water bottle. The bottom floor has a "gear-up area" with accessories and an IT lab with viewscreen and window. Use the top floor's zip line to zip down to the Bat-Wagon.

The Bat-Wagon has folding wings, tires that fold up for flight, and a holding cell.  

The set also comes with two mini-doll figures of Batgirl and Mad Harriet, each with a weapon accessory, plus a Bat-Bot and a Green Kryptomite figure. 

Is It Fun?

This will be a fun way for DC Super Hero Girls fans to play out what they see on the web show. It's got a lot of fun features that bring the action from the show to life, plus a lot of fun details, like the bat surveillance camera. Once kids finish assembling this set, they'll be inspired to tell all sorts of creative good-versus-evil stories about one of their favorite superheroes.

Who It’s For

The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Secret Bunker is for ages 7 to 12. Fans of the DC Super Hero Girls will like building out a familiar place from the web series and playing out a good-versus-evil storyline with a favorite superhero.

What To Be Aware Of

It took TTPM's Master Builder 43 minutes to put together this set, and the instructions were easy to follow.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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