Cool Maker Airbrush Styling Studio Review (Spin Master)

Cool Maker Airbrush Styling Studio
What It Is

Practice creating your own beauty looks over and over again with the Cool Maker Airbrush Styling Studio. This set uses a styling head and a variety of different tools, including an airbrush, to let kids recreate suggested style looks from a lookbook or get creative and make up some unique looks of their own. There are even hair extensions that kids can customize and wear in their own hair.

The set comes with the styling head, five style sticks, a cordless battery-operated airbrush, two clip-in extensions, two sheets of makeup stencils, two sheets of hair stencils, four hair elastics, two hair clips, a sheet of eye color stickers, 24 gems, a hairbrush, a makeup erasing sponge, a lookbook, and a playbook. You can store some of the materials in the base of the styling head.

To use the airbrush, you insert one of the style sticks, hold the airbrush two finger widths away from the surface, and press the trigger to start spraying color. You can either spray straight lines of color, or use one of the stencils to spray a shape onto the styling head's hair or face. There are stencils for eyeshadow, eyebrows, and lips, plus cool shapes, such as butterflies and moons.

And when you're done creating, the stickers and gems can all be removed and re-used. Then, you just use warm water and soap to clean the styling head. Let dry and do it all over again.

Is It Fun?

This is a new take on the traditional styling head. We've never seen one come with an airbrush tool before. It lets kids do some really cool things with color, and using the stencils allows for more precise shapes and creations than trying to do something freehand. And, of course, there's the creative hairplay when kids are done adding airbrushed color to it. 

For young kids who like beauty, hair, and makeup, and who want to create their own looks, this styling head will be a fun way for them to feel like a pro styling hair and makeup.

Who It’s For

The Cool Maker Airbrush Styling Studio is for ages 8 and up. It's going to be a fun and creative way for kids who like hair and makeup to create their own style looks.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit comes with the Cool Maker styling head, a cordless airbrush, five makeup sticks, two clip-in hair extensions, a hairbrush, two hair clips, a sheet of eye color stickers, two sheets of hair stencils two sheets of makeup stencils, a sheet of jewel stickers, four hair elastics, a makeup eraser, a lookbook, and a playbook.

You'll need two AA batteries, which are not included.

Cover your play space before you start because the airbrush can splatter a little bit. You might also want to wear a smock or old clothes.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required