Star Wars The Last Jedi Porgs Plush Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars The Last Jedi Porgs Plush
What It Is

Forget Ewoks and Wookies, though you should always let the Wookie win. There's a new furry creature in the Star Wars universe: Porgs. These flat-muzzled avians sort of resemble penguins and can be seen waddling around Luke Skywalker's secluded island in the new movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Now kids can cuddle up with a Porg of their very own thanks to the Star Wars The Last Jedi Porgs Plush. This stuffed animal is about 12 inches long with floppy webbed feet, the Porgs' signature big eyes, and super soft brown fur.

Is It Fun?

We don't know yet what role the Porgs will play in the new movie, aside from looking cute, but we do think that their big-eyed facial expressions will make them appealing to young kids. And this plush version of a Porg is so soft and cuddly. So when kids aren't gallivanting off on all sorts of adventures with it, they'll be giving their Porg lots of hugs.

Who It’s For

The Star Wars The Last Jedi Porgs Plush doesn't come with an age recommendation, and while it's probably safe for all ages, it's going to appeal most to young kids who have seen the new movie and who think the Porgs are really cute.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy is hand-wash only.

This is available exclusive at The Disney Store.

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