LEGO The Ninjago Movie Fire Mech Review (LEGO)

LEGO The Ninjago Movie Fire Mech
What It Is

The Ninjago Movie Fire Mech Lego set is item 70615. It includes 944 pieces and is intended for children ages 9-to-14. The Fire Mech set includes six mini-figures: Jelly, Hammer Head, Kai, Zane, Lauren and Henry.  Jelly wears his fish-tank helmet and is armed with a stud-shooting fish-zooka. Hammer Head comes with a fish-hammer, tank and shark-helmet. Zane and Kai, equipped with bow-and-arrow, and swords respectively, both have two facial expressions.  Lauren and Henry carry icy treats and have two fearful facial expressions. There's even a piece of concrete that these two terrified pedestrians can stand on. The Fire Mech itself measures 14" high, 4" long, and 8" wide. The cockpit opens and it is fully posable. It has two non-shooting fire-blasters, and two shoulder discs that do actually shoot. The Fire Mech took 2 hours construct. The detailed instruction booklet is clear, and easy to follow. This set will appeal to Lego fans, especially those who love Ninjago and the film. 

Is It Fun?
Yes - Lego fans will enjoy building the Fire Mech and Ninjago fans will love reenacting scenes from the film. 
Who It’s For
Lego and Ninjago enthusiasts, ages 9-to-14.
What To Be Aware Of
This Lego set took 2 hours to construct.  
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