Buddy Belt Classic Leather Dog Harness Review (Buddy Belts)

Buddy Belt Classic Leather Dog Harness
What It Is

Buddy belts were created in 1997 when the original buddy came into the life of Ms. Roxanne who is the creator and now Chief Buddy Officer of the company.  She realized that when Buddy walked on the leash his collar was causing strain on his throat making him cough and gag.  Also, because of a dachsund's unique shape, harnesses did not fit well either.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and so Roxanne went on to create the first prototype of the buddy belt which she made from tire rubber.  Needless to say there have been vast improvements since that time including using quality leather and welded hardware but the original idea is still the basically the same.  The Buddy Belt is unique because it's easy to put on for pet parents and it's designed to keep all of the pressure on your dog's chest and off of your dog's throat.  There are no straps that go across the neck or ride high on the chest and that's a plus for dogs who tend to pull on the leash.  Another notable design feature is that the buddy belt is a step in harness that only requires one buckle much like a collar except this is positioned between the shoulder blades of your dog making it comfortable and secure.  The openings for your dog's front legs are wrapped with really soft leather covers so the edges don't cause any irritation or abrasions.  Each buddy belt also has a steel  "o" ring near the buckle for registration tags or a matching leash which is offered but sold separately.  When you pick up a premium buddy belt it's easy to tell that they are well made out of quality materials.  We think these would work very well for all dogs but especially those who have difficulty fitting into standard harnesses because they don't conform to a standard breed size.

Why Is It Useful?

Most pet experts agree that a harness is usually a better option for walking on a leash than a straight forward collar because they usually give the dog walker better control and there is less pressure on a dogs neck and throat. Smaller dogs are especially susceptible to throat and neck trauma if they strain too hard on a collar. Sometimes getting the proper fit is difficult especially if you have a mixed breed. The buddy belt is only worn over the legs, chest and shoulders so the body length is not too important.

Who It’s For
The Buddy Belt Classic can be used on any dog since it comes in multiple sizes.  The Buddy Belt is especially good for dogs who don't necessarily conform to average breed sizes and may be hard to find a harness that properly fits.  The Buddy Belt is also good for dogs who may have sensitive necks or throats.
What To Be Aware Of
This review is for the Buddy Belt Classic which is handmade using fine leather.  There are many colors to choose from.  Matching leashes are available for purchase separately. The Buddy Belt Classic may initially give you sticker shock since it is priced higher than other harnesses on the market but when you factor in the quality of materials and realize that you probably won't be buying another harness for a few years, it really isn't that bad.  Just in case though, Buddy Belts have a less expensive version which provides the same comfort and support but it's made with synthetic leather.  Buddy Belts are manufactured in Canada. 
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