Hot Wheels Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon Track Set Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon Track Set
What It Is

While Hot Wheels cars designed to look like Star Wars characters are fun, recreating one of the most iconic spaceships in movie history as a track set seems even better. And, while the concept behind creating this new version of the MIllennium Falcon from Star Wars: The Last Jedi that works with 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Cars is great, the execution is flawed.

After opening the box, some assembly is required, which will take adult hands. The good news is that these track pieces snap into place quickly and the set will be ready in no time.

Filled with plenty of ways for kids and collectors to play, the Falcon opens to reveal plenty of places to drive around, as well as several special track features.

The first is the ability to launch cars from the cockpit, which gives basic car play. This is pretty much like everyone just walking out of the Falcon. Second, you have a slam launcher that shoots your character cars forward for an attack. This is definitely a bit of fun.

Finally, you have an escape hatch that lowers from the cockpit in case your Resistance fighters need to get away from the First Order, bounty hunters or someone they may have cheated in a deal - this is the Millennium Falcon. And, when all else fails, sneak away to smuggle another day.

The set also has additional value with 20 lights and sounds, activated by tapping the top of the ship. This also requires three included button cell batteries, so you can play as soon as you set up the track.

Finally, the Millennium Falcon comes with an exclusive Chewbacca character car. This version of Chewie is a 4x4 and looks awesome. He's there to obey the ship's sounds and react when told to "fix the hyperdrive," which means you can also pretend this set is from the Empire Strikes Back. This set also works with every Hot Wheels Star Wars character car, as well as many other that don't come from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Is It Fun?
This set seems like a a great toy at first, but when you have trouble moving the car around the track or when Chewbacca lands upside down when you try to get him to drive out of the cockpit, the fun fades fast.
Who It’s For
While it seems that Mattel is trying to attract both kids and adult collectors, this toy is designed for kids.
What To Be Aware Of

Unfortunately, the ride isn't smooth and the cars tend to get stuck. Smaller hands may have better luck, but when the car won't move easily on the track, some of the magic is lost.

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