Star Wars Resistance Bomber Review (LEGO)

Star Wars Resistance Bomber
What It Is

Meet the new ships from The Resistance showing up for the first time in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is the LEGO Resistance Bomber, LEGO model number 75188. This ship was teased in the earliest trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and some images of the set had been leaked online, but now we can show you the entire thing. 

The Resistance Bomber is a 780-piece build, and it took our expert builder about 90 minutes to build. As cool as this looks, there's a lot of play built into this as well, and what you can't see is how sturdy this model is, particularly if you're going to pretend to fly it around. When assembled, the Bomber has three cockpits--one main one in the top and two pivoting cockpits at the rear and at the bottom, making this an awesome and versatile bomber in a battle. Minifigs can fit in each of the cockpits, and the top comes off to place other Minifigs inside. There are action features as well, including spring-loaded laser missiles, similar to those on the LEGO model of Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter. And the main feature are the bombs that you can drop on your enemies. Load the bomb bay up and then drop the bombs (actually small plastic balls) one at a time. They're excellent for precision hits. 

The set also comes with five Minifigs. The Reistance Bomber PIlot has lots of detail on his uniform, both front and back, a helmet, and two faces--one for normal combat, and one for when he's flying. The Resistance Bombardier is equally detailed with the same two faces. Resistance Gunner Paige is a female Minifig with all the detailing and two faces as we've seen with the other Resistance Minifigs. The character Minifigs included with the set are Poe Dameron, and Vice Admiral Holdo. Again, they've got two facial expressions for different imaginative scenarios and lots of detailing on the outfits. 

Is It Fun?
This set is fun to build, but it's also fun to play with. The different cockpits and the cool Minifigs provide a jumping off point for all kinds of imaginative play. 
Who It’s For
This set is designed for kids ages 8-14, according to LEGO. 

It's ideal for LEGO Star Wars fans, of course, who will be happy to add this new ship to their collections or enjoy it as a stand-alone set.

What To Be Aware Of
The spring-activate missles shoot pretty far, so you'll want to keep track of them not to lose them under furniture, for example.

Some pieces will pop off if you pretend to fly this too aggressively. Not a worry. You can simply re-attach them easily. 

In order to make the model stand, you need to lift up the bottom cockpit and rest the entire model on a table or shelf. The box illustration shows this very clearly. 

Building time is about an hour and a half for an expert builder.

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