Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force Link Resistance A-Wing Fighter Review (Hasbro)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force Link Resistance A-Wing Fighter
What It Is

One highlight of any new Star Wars toy line is the number of different vehicles Hasbro releases for the franchise. One great addition to The Last Jedi line is the A-Wing Fighter, the fastest fighter in the Resistance fleet.

The package for this toy is a basic cardboard rectangle, featuring box art of the trilogy's stars, along with an illustration of the A-Wing. You'll also notice that there's a tag for Force Link, which means it interacts with Hasbro's new sound device. Additionally, you'll get a good look at the included Resistance Pilot Tallie through a window.

The back of the package offers a brief description of the vehicle, mentioning its nimbleness and ability to reach "incredible speeds thanks to its twin engines," as well as its use in the struggle between the Empire and Rebellion, referencing the original Star Wars trilogy. You'll also notice that this version of the ship is white with blue accents, as opposed to the maroon used in the original Star Wars trilogy.

When you open the box, a little assembly is required, including attaching engines, the missile launchers and loading the missiles. This is relatively easy, but will require an adult's hands, since the toy is age graded for 4 and up, and you'll need to use pressure to get the parts to snap into place.

Tallie is an OK addition to the rest of the 3 3/4-inch figures, but she suffers from the fact that you can't remove her helmet. She comes with a blaster, and you can stow it inside the ship's cockpit while in flight, although it's a little hard to find where to place it.

Once you start playing, Tallie fits easily into the cockpit before you take flight. Bringing the Force Link gauntlet, not included, close to the A-Wing offers take-off and flight sound effects, while tapping the gauntlet makes blaster sounds. Tallie can also say a few phrases by holding her close to the gauntlet and tapping it.

Additionally, you can fire the missiles by pushing buttons on each side of the launcher, although that doesn't seem to activate sounds. And, when you decide to land, landing gear comes out to keep the ship's nose propped.

Is It Fun?

Star Wars vehicles are always fun, and adding a vehicle beyond the standard X-Wing, Tie Fighter and Millennium Falcon options, is a best bet. Also, the Resistance A-Wing is a  great way that the current Star Wars trilogy is finding new ways to integrate classic vehicles from the original Star Wars films.

Who It’s For
The Resistance A-Wing is for both kids who love Star Wars and Star Wars collectors. It's a nice addition to Hasbro's lineup for The Last Jedi, and anyone who's interested in Force Link will like the variety of sounds available when used with the A-Wing.
What To Be Aware Of
The great news is that this toy does not require batteries! But instead of batteries, you'll need to purchase the Force Link Starter Set to engage the A-Wing's sounds. Also, while the A-Wing comes with one figure, Tallie, all other Star Wars figures are sold separately.
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