Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Review (Hasbro)

Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg
What It Is

The world of Star Wars is home to many creatures, including Porgs. These small, flat-muzzled avians from the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie flock and roost in the cliffs on Luke Skywalker's secluded island. They're grey with a little bit of brown around their big eyes, and you can bring one to life with Hasbro's Star Wars Porg. Just press the toy's stomach to watch it flap and wave its wings, waddle and move around, and make authentic Porg chatter.

Is It Fun?

This little guy is sort of penguin-like in appearance but with enough odd tweaks to make it a unique Star Wars creature. We don't know what kind of role Porgs will have in the new movie, other than looking cute, but the cuteness coupled with the silly movements and sounds of this toy will certainly appeal to young Star Wars fans. Those kids will have fun making the Porg walk and talk, and having it as a companion as they play out their own Star Wars stories.

Who It’s For

The Star Wars Porg is for ages 4 and up, and will most likely appeal to kids who have seen the new movie and think the Porgs are really cute.

What To Be Aware Of

Three AA batteries are included for the in-store try-me features, so it's recommended that you replace them before you play for best results.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required