Doggie Don't Review (Doggie Don't)

Doggie Don't
What It Is

The Doggie Don't is a palm-sized electronic device used to interrupt bad canine behavior so it can be corrected. The idea here is to use the device near your dogs when they bark incessantly, jump up on people, pull too hard on the leash or misbehave in general. The noise emitted from the Doggie Don't is quite loud and made us a bit apprehensive to use on our test subjects for that reason. But then we realized that there are other training devices that emit loud noises to snap dogs out of their bad habits, so why not the Doggie Don't? The Doggie Don't sounds eerily similar to the noise that a taser makes, just without the shock! In fact we had some fun in the office using this on humans. But be assured, there are no physical effects from this device so it can't really hurt you or your pooch. It's also really effective especially when used each time your dog displays bad behavior! The doggie don't device is battery operated and hand-held making it very convenient to carry. If you feel that the noise is too loud, you can muffle it with a finger or by holding against your side.

Why Is It Useful?

The Doggie Don't can be useful as a behavioral device to keep your dog from jumping on people, barking incessantly, or any other behavior pattern that needs to be corrected. The Doggie Don't can also be used by runners or bicyclists to ward off unfriendly, unleashed dog.

Who It’s For

The Doggie Don't is for any pet parent who might be having trouble training their playful pooch. Some pups are stubborn and require a little extra help learning their manners. We think the Doggie Don't is especially good for pet parents who have trouble being firm with their dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

The Doggie Don't is very loud and if you or other humans aren't prepared, you could get startled. This is not intended as a punishment device to distract your dog from their bad behavior. Once they stop a reward is suggested. There is no physical effect from the Doggie Don't. The Doggie Don't is safe and will not hurt pet or human. The Doggie Don't has a non-rechargeable lithium battery which should be good for about 500 discharges before the battery needs to be replaced.

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