K9 Sport Sack Air Review (K9 Sport Sack)

K9 Sport Sack Air
What It Is

Leave no dog behind by using the K9 Sport Sack, a uniquely designed pet carrier. The K9 Sport Sack was originally designed by doggy parents who wanted to include their pup on a bike ride using a carrier. After searching and failing to find an appropriate carrier they set out to make their own and came up with the K9 Sport Sack which is designed to be easy to use, hands- free, comfortable for Fido and safe for both pet and pet parent. Now you might be inclined to immediately classify the K9 Sport Sack as one of those "not for every dog" items and that you might have trouble getting your dog into the sack. We had the same apprehension but we're glad to say that after a brief tutorial from the makers, our test-dog went right in and was quite content and comfy. The immediate difference that you'll notice from other pet carriers is that this one is meant for your dog to be behind you, not in front like some others on the market. Not only does this keep your hands free but you act as a natural barrier to those well meaning strangers who want to come up and pet your unsuspecting dog. The bag's design let's your dog sit inside of the sack and the small openings allow him to have his paws on your shoulders. There are built in air vents and the straps are adjustable for a snug fit along with pockets to carry water or treats. When in the sack, your dog can face forward peeking over your shoulder and experiencing the same things you do all while safely parceled in the bag and sitting on the included bottom pad. The K9 Sport Sack is recommended for dogs up to 35 lbs and comes in sizes from extra small to Large. There is a measuring procedure you must go through since every dog is different and sometimes depending on your dog's length, you may need the next size up. We think the K9 Sport Sack could be especially good for smaller dogs that could tire easily on long excursions and for dogs and doggie owners that suffer from separation anxiety.

Why Is It Useful?

The K9 Sports Sack is useful for pet parents who like to be active since you can keep your hands free. Since this is a backpack style carrier, it's design allows the pet parent to be a barrier between your dog and well meaning humans who want to pet him. This carrier is especially useful for dogs or doggy parent who suffer from separation anxiety.

Who It’s For

The K9 Sports Sack is for active pet parents that want to bring their dogs with them on all of their adventures. The K9 Sack is best suited for small dogs up to 30 lbs. This probably is not for pet parents with back issues.

What To Be Aware Of

Unless you are an avid bicyclist used to carrying a pack on your back, we do not suggest you take your dog on a bike ride right away. We do suggest you start out by bringing your dog on walks or perhaps hikes. The straps on the K9 Sports Sack are adjustable. If your dog has a long body you may have to buy a size larger. The K9 Sport Sack comes in a variety of colors.

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