Star Wars Character Cars Rey Jedi Training & Luke Skywalker Review (Mattel)

Star Wars Character Cars Rey Jedi Training & Luke Skywalker
What It Is

Harness the force with this Hot Wheels Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) and Luke Skywalker two-pack of character cars. Each character is depicted in a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels diecast vehicle. 

On the side of the Jedis/Resistance, we’ve got the Rey (Jedi Training) vehicle. This Hot Wheels character car updates the previous Force Awakens Rey character car with new features and a few removed. While the Force Awakens vehicle captured Rey's goggles and gear in its design, this one shows she’s matured into her role as a Jedi in training. Using the force, the infamous blue lightsaber (used by Luke, Anakin and now Rey) is captured in the details on the vehicle’s headlights and windshield. Her utility belt is also strapped across the car’s hood. 

The exclusive Luke Skywalker vehicle also has an interesting styling to it. While certainly showcasing his look in the latest Star Wars film it perhaps harkening back to Luke’s own Jedi master, Yoda, or perhaps a green lightsaber. The rear-engine sports car reminds us a bit of Yoda with its green detailing in the wind shield and tires. But it also stands out as Luke with its chrome detailing on the right front hood just like Luke’s hand. This one is very different from previous versions of Hot Wheels vehicles based on the character.

Is It Fun?

Setting themselves apart from past versions of the characters depicted as Hot Wheels, these new vehicles bring both Rey, in Jedi training mode, and her mentor Luke Skywalker to life as they appear in the new film. We especially love the small details such as Luke's chrome hand brought out in the car's hood.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Star Wars: The Last Jedi rey (Jedi Training) and Luke Skywalker two-pack of character cars is for ages 3 and up from Mattel. These vehicles will appeal to Star Wars fans and Hot Wheels collectors. For older Star Wars fans, the exclusive Luke vehicle will be a highlight, while newer fans will enjoy playing with the Rey car.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Star Wars: The Last Jedi character cars are available and sold separately, including the Kylo Ren and Snoke two-pack also featured in this video review. 

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