VEX Robotics Battlebots Construct Tombstone Review (Hexbug)

VEX Robotics Battlebots Construct Tombstone
What It Is

Straight from the BattleBots TV show, now you can build your own version of Tombstone with the VEX Robotics BattleBots Construct Tombstone kit. It comes with more than 425 snap-together pieces for building the battling robot as seen on the show, plus rebuilding into an alternate build: Tombstone as seen in season 1. Both versions have a chain drive that operates its spinning blade. All you have to do is move the robot forward or backward to activate its signature battle function.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun way to bring the battling action from the TV show to life, and it will be especially fun for kids (or adults) who enjoy watching the show and building construction sets. We like that you can see the chain drive in action, giving kids a visual of the engineering behind what they've built and how it works. This is a nice hands-on introduction to some STEM concepts, even though it doesn't go very in-depth into what those concepts are. And, of course, if you really want to do battle, you'll need a second BattleBot, sold separately.

Who It’s For

The VEX Robotics BattleBots Construct Tombstone kit is for ages 8 to 16, and it's going to be most fun for kids who enjoy construction sets and watching the BattleBots TV show.

What To Be Aware Of

According to the box, this is a level 5 difficulty, which means it's the hardest build on a scale of one to five. Even though the instructions were easy to follow, it took us one hour and 30 minutes to build. Younger kids might need help from an adult to build.

The VEX Robotics BattleBots Minotaur is also available and sold separately.

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