Teen Titans Go! Smooth Talker Beast Boy Review (Mattel)

Teen Titans Go! Smooth Talker Beast Boy
What It Is

Lovers of Cartoon Network's super-popular, quirky update of it's classic Teen Titans series rejoice because a talking Beast Boy is now on store shelves. While this version of the green, shape changing character can't become a dog or a bird, he sure does talk. A lot.

This 8 and a half inch figure is bright green, like he should be, and is made of very strong plastic. He features moveable arms, hands and feet for posability and to keep him upright. BB also has a rubberized face that shifts to simulate facial expressions. For example, tilting his head left and right moves Beast Boy's eyes, while pushing his head back closes them.

Of course every head tilt activates his sound chip, causing him to talk or make other sounds. You can also activate the chip by pushing a button on his belt. According to the package, Beast Boy has more than ten sounds and phrases, all from different episodes of the show,  including "Waffles, waffles, waffles," and this is definitely true. The interesting bit is that it seems some phrases and sounds are tied to his belt while others are specific to moving his head.

Is It Fun?
This is a very basic talking toy, so the fun factor drops incrementally after the first few minutes. While it starts out fun, most people will lose interest quickly, unless they are huge Beast Boy fans.
Who It’s For

Age graded for four and up and with an MSRP of $25, this toy will definitely be loved by kids and Teen Titans Go fans, while parents and those who despise this show will want to banish Beast Boy to the Trash Hole dimension.

What To Be Aware Of

That said, even with at least 14 different phrases that testing uncovered, Beast Boy can get annoying since moving him may cause his head to tilt, resulting in Beast Boy shouting "awesome!" or taunting you with "maybe there's an off switch?" The answer there is "no."

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